Biodiversity Heritage Associates Africa
Post Office Box KA30426 - Airport-Accra
+233 302 980216 / +233 244277795


We are a team of professionals with varying expertise in the management of both natural and human-modified landscapes in Africa. We partner businesses, government, NGOS and local communities to implement projects that support human development and biodiversity conservation. Our objectives are:


To partner governments, businesses and communities to achieve their goals through sound management of environmental, economic and social aspects of the business process. This can only be achieved through the application of innovative solutions based on sound science and research.

To partner governments, businesses and communities to achieve the sustainable use of natural resources for both economic and non-economic uses.

To work with public and private sector clients to achieve corporate goals through sound environmental, social and economic management


Our vision is to create value for our clients by aligning their goals, expectation and outlook with  business goals, community expectations, and policy outlook to create resilient water, for the sustainability of the environment.


Our values identify who we are and how we conduct our business.

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Safety