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Biodiversity Offsets

BHA consultants have extensive experience in biodiversity issues and have over the years applied novel means of assisting businesses and local communities mitigate the effects of their operations on biodiversity. We understand the local context and regulatory framework in which businesses operate and so advice clients on ways to stay compliant in the most efficient and cost effective way. Our solid background in ecology and science enables us to recommend remediation measures or appropriate offsets for biodiversity values that are impacted.

We have practical knowledge and application of a number of international best practices and guidelines including the IFC Performance Standard 6 (IFC PS 6) and the Biodiversity and Business Offset Program (BBOP) Standard. We are also in the forefront in the development of national standards including the Biodiversity Business Offset Scheme of Ghana, and the National Biodiversity Offset Scheme in Liberia.

We attract top notch scientists from the best institutions in the world who are undertaking various aspects of biodiversity research. This allows us to determine what works and what does not. Our experience in the development, design and implementation of biodiversity offsets can make a difference in how your business sees biodiversity and benefits it accrues.

The Equator Principles

At BHA we believe that private companies and their financiers can make a positive impact on biodiversity. We therefore work with financial institutions to develop a sustainable approach that balances environmental and social (E&S) risks in business operations.

The Equator Principles is one such framework that guides financial institutions on how to manage environmental and social components of project finance activities.

Our Services includes:

  1. Conduct of project feasibility studies (environmental and social components)
  2. Review and categorization of project (A, B, or C projects)
  3. Development and guidance in the implementation of action plan
  4. Independent Review, Monitoring and Reporting
  5. Project communication (environmental and social)