Biodiversity Heritage Associates Africa
Post Office Box KA30426 - Airport-Accra
+233 302 980216 / +233 244277795

Increasing calls to explore natural resources to provide food, energy requirements and wellbeing of today’s growing populations should be met with innovative solutions that show that growth and sustainability can go hand in hand. People and their livelihoods depend on the health and productivity of landscapes and ecosystems. With resource being volatile and scarce in today’s world, there is a need to sustainable manage the interactions between people and their natural environment.

BHA Africa combines traditional knowledge systems and science to develop and implement programs that address emerging issue that businesses, local people, and policy makers face. Our programs bring equity to all stakeholders and value for money.

Our services include:

  1. Environmental Planning and Compliance
  2. Biodiversity Banking (Offsets, Accounting, MRV, Management, etc.)
  3. Habitat Conservation Plans
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