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Strategic Investment Advice

BHA believes that companies in their undertakings can achieve positive development outcomes in their environmental, economic and social sustainability if they apply comprehensive, sound and science-based standards. Based on this premise, BHA offers strategic investment advice to private and public entities, by identifying opportunities and developing robust business cases to make sustainability a source of continuous and growing value.

We provide information, analysis, and application within the national and regional context to provide a better understanding of the risks and opportunities that a proposed undertaking or an on-going one may face. We ensure that risks are identified and managed in a manner to ensure positive returns on investment. Our robust risk-based approaches ensure quality of delivery and cost effectiveness in the outcomes of our work.

Our services include:

  1. Land acquisitions and development for projects (Agribusiness, Power, Mining, Oil and Gas, Tourism and Hospitality, Water and Sanitation)
  2. Supply Chain Advisory Services
  3. Market Development